Flat Tummy Secrets To Get 6 Pack Abs

I’ve ready many books demonstrating how to supposedly get 6 pack abs. The flat tummy secrets provided in many of those books are unfortunately the same old recommendations that have been preached for hundreds of years. There’s no wonder why everyone is still searching for the truth on how Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews to get a six pack. I can tell you from experience however that there are some methods that DO work, here are just a couple that I use regularly and help my clients do.

Start Using a Medicine Ball routine

If you aren’t currently using a medicine ball in your workouts, you are surely missing out big time. I started using a medicine ball roughly 3 years ago and could hardly move the second day after starting. This is a good thing keep in mind as the workout was so targeted it made me extremely sore! I like to use the medicine ball with a partner and toss the ball back and forth while doing sit ups as it really tests your core strength and builds it up very quickly. Giving the medicine ball a try is sure to give you great results very quickly!

Start Using Kettle Bell Exercises

If you haven’t heard of kettle bells then you should definitely check them out. You basically utilize weights that allow you to do multiple exercises that produce great results. These weights can be lifted overhead, squatted with, rise ups, and much much more. These really build your entire body including your abs which results in a slimmer waistline.

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