Tummy Tucks – No More Excess Baggage

Weight loss is a grueling process. People have to work hard to shed all those extra kilos and when they finally manage to lose weight, they have the weight they wanted, but not the shape they would have liked to be in. After losing all that weight, the excess skin droops down, creating a very unflattering look. No amount of crunches seems to tighten one’s loose skin, and the healthiest of diets aren’t able to reduce fat deposits Sonus Complete along the abdominal wall. When one is having trouble achieving the flat and toned tummy they worked so hard for with diet plans and regular workouts, abdominoplasty aren’t a bad solution.

Tummy tucks, also known as Abdominoplasty, have a set of requirements that one must meet in order to be a candidate for them. The patient must be fit medically as well as psychologically, be close to their ideal weight and preferably be a non-smoker. Remember, Liposelection only (by VASER) is used to address excess & exercise resistant fat, Tummy tucks address the loose skin & muscles which commonly result following pregnancies and rapid weight loss. While all tummy tucks tighten the abdominal skin, there are two types of its operations – Mini and Full or Complete Tummy Tucks. In a Mini Tummy Tuck, the incision made can be restricted to about 6 – 8 inches and the procedure is used to improve the curve of the abdomen only below the belly button. It is for patients who have delicate skin and fat excesses of the lower abdomen or unsightly scars from a previous surgery.

In a Full or Traditional Tummy Tuck, the abdominal skin is pulled far downward, in addition to tightening the abdominal muscles too, achieving an internal corset. This is recommended for most people as it improves the abdominal contour & body image dramatically.The procedures are done under general anaesthesia and require a 1-2 day admission in the hospital for a satisfactory recovery. After a week or two one can be back to their routine work.

Both men and women are increasingly opting for the idea of getting a abdominoplasty done. When one has struggled through grueling workouts to come to the right figure, it’s only fair that they would want the way their body looks to change. These are almost transformative in the sense that they leave one looking and feeling the way they have wanted to look, but couldn’t.

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