Marketing Tools For Realtors – How Podcasting Can Make You a Real Estate Celebrity

There are plenty of marketing tools for Realtors for you to choose. Some will do their job and help you generate more leads and others are a complete waste of time and marketing dollars. But one of these essential internet marketing tools for Realtors will make you look like a real estate celebrity in your area, capture prospect’s attention like crazy and turn them into clients 20 times quicker. What is it? Podcasting. And you don’t need to be a “techie” to do it! buy youtube comments

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The best way to think of podcasting is that it’s much like a radio show on your website. You can record “episodes” on various real estate topics and upload them to your website for prospects to download and listen to when they choose.

These days, more and more consumers are listening to podcasts on their iPods and other mobile devices. It’s almost exactly like a radio show without having to buy all the studio equipment. Consumers love podcasts because they can download and listen to them on-demand as opposed to being required to listen at a set time, as with regular radio.

With most marketing tools for Realtors, you have to spend a little marketing cash to use them. But with podcasting, it’s not bad at all. You basically just need a microphone hooked up to your computer, a little software and you’re up and running.

To make it easier for us Realtors, you can buy “podcasting kits”, which have everything you need in one package. You can buy cheap, used kits for maybe $50 all the way up to brand new kits for $100-$300. After that, you can start being a real estate celebrity!

You need to know what you’re getting into with any of these marketing tools for Realtors that you here about, so here’s the real deal with podcasting……

You still need to drive traffic to your website for prospects to listen to your podcasts. Podcasting itself doesn’t drive traffic to your website; at least not exactly. I can’t cover all the ways to drive traffic now but there are plenty of them, many are a snap to use and a bunch can be free for you.

But one cool thing about podcasting that can actually drive traffic to your website is that you can post your podcasts on various websites where people are searching for specific types of podcasts. Just like you can search on YouTube for videos, there are sites where prospects can search for your podcast, download it and hopefully decide to go to your website.

Now that you have the overview on one of the essential marketing tools for Realtors, you know what type of equipment you need and what it does for your prospects, let’s go over the specifics on what you’re actually going to do with podcasting to become this real estate celebrity.

One idea is to create a mini-series of episodes on “first-time home buying”. You can lay out all the topics and steps involved in buying a home for the first time, break them into individual episodes and record them for your podcast.

Another example would be to invite certain guests to record the podcast with you. You could invite your favorite title rep., loan officer, appraiser, home inspector, etc. for an interview. Grill them with all the questions a typical buyer or seller would have and turn them into podcasts.

Your prospects will eat this stuff up! They’re craving this information and if you can give it to them in a unique, informative and fun way, guess who they’ll want to work with as their Realtor? Exactly, you!

You need to realize that you’re building a relationship with your prospects through podcasting; much the same way you’ve built a relationship with your favorite radio talk show host. Give people what they’re looking for and let your personality shine through. That’s what will turn these prospects into clients and closed deals.

Do you see the “dollars signs” yet?

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like a radio professional; you don’t need to be. All you’re doing is recording some great information that your prospects are looking for. Don’t get nervous, just let your personality shine through and have fun.

Plus, if you screw up, you can edit it! That’s the beauty of podcasting; it’s not live! So feel free to screw up and start again.

Now you might be thinking, out of all the marketing tools for Realtors out there, that this is just not your “thing”. You could be right. But I would challenge you to think about the affects this weapon can have in your marketing arsenal.

Think about how your prospects will view you compared to every other Realtor out there who just hands out business cards. Think about how much this will set you apart from your competition. Think about how many new clients this could bring in for you; possibly resulting in a doubling of your income.

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