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Stardom. I know of no one currently working as a professional in the field that doesn’t want it on some level. Oh sure, some will act demure, saying, “Such frivolities wouldn’t matter to me…” But let’s face a cold, hard fact; Social Media is all about recognition to the serious adept. Unless you have some level of influence, you’ll soon be looking into the lucrative field of insurance sales. You simply must be respected on some parallel if you expect to make a career of it, your area of expertise notwithstanding. Obviously, this is easier when you are in some sphere in which there is little competition, but as time wears on, these ranges become more and more occasional. Consider the young African-American child who dreams of playing in the NBA: 30 teams, with 15 players per team, equals 450 available positions. Figure a generous estimate of 50 berths for the white boys, and that leaves 400 slots for the burgeoning adolescent¬†to play ball.

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That the atmosphere in Social Media glory is rarified makes stardom even more unattainable judi online24jam . This in turn leads many to vault themselves in the minds of others as power players. These self-proclaimed celebrities have no problems with promoting their personal brands. They let everyone in earshot know how esteemed they are perceived, how appreciated by the crowd, how highly their opinions are held. Oddly, this stands in stark contrast to my personal experience.

I met several celebrities during my tenure as a professional performer. I was a magician, which is agreeably only one rung above mime in the entertainment food chain. Still, I did garner a modicum of notoriety, enough in fact to travel the country, even once to that Mecca of entertainment, Hollywood, CA. I had by that time already met musical immortal Willie Nelson (and yes, I was one of the many that busted a J with ol’ Willie), and while in Tinsel Town happened to sit down next to Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks at the Hard Rock Caf√©, Hollywood, though we never got around to smoking any weed. It has been many a year ago these things happened, and each encounter lasted less than 15 minutes (can’t imagine either could or would ever remember me), but each revealed something I found unique; neither bought into the hype surrounding their preeminence. They were, aside from their fantastic accomplishments, just people, not unlike me or you.

This is typical of the true notable personage, especially in the social networking purview. Stardom in the online community comes from others promoting the efforts of the mogul, who therefore has no need to proclaim their fame. After writing Don’t Follow Grannelle On Twitter, Or Why @GuyKawasaki Bailed, the great man himself took time to comment on the post. He didn’t pontificate, or expect to be taken as anything other than just one more practitioner of the art. He was accessible. This is as any of us should be, regardless of our level of opprobrium. Those who parade their own significance obviously are overcompensating for some perceived lack, and I don’t think I need to state what that particular shortcoming often is, at least with males. We rarely see such behavior among women, do we? I wonder why.

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