Planning a Successful Children’s Party

The first step to planning a super children’s party is to figure out your budget. Your dollars will be allocated to a party location (if the party is not held at your residence or child’s school), food, snacks, and drinks, party favors/piñata/goody bags for the children, entertainment, birthday cake, and other miscellaneous items such as party décor, eating utensils etc. Keep in mind that the more people you invite the more money you will spend on food, drinks, and party favors/gifts for the children.

Next plan your location Bauschlussreinigung Northeim. Do you want to hold the party in your house or apartment? If the party is in your house will it be in your living room or basement or backyard (weather permitting)? If you do not want to deal with cleaning up after the party or if your place is too small to hold a lot of guests there are many other choices available such as a community room, church, restaurant, school or daycare. Keep in mind that it is important to choose a location that is easy for most of your guests to get to.

You also have to plan a day and time that is convenient for most of your guests. Usually that means in the evening after work or a Saturday or Sunday. However, another idea is to hold the party during the week at your child’s school or daycare or right after school ends if the school has an after school program. If you are going to hold the party at a school/daycare be sure to check with your child’s teacher or principal to find out what their policy is on the hours you are allowed to have the party and what type of entertainment you can bring in.

Chances are most of your will guests arrive to the party late. A good rule of thumb is that people will show up an hour after the party starts. However, if your party is a short party or early in the day figure half an hour after the party starts. If the party is on a Saturday or Sunday in the late afternoon or at night it is not uncommon for people to show up even two hours late. This is important to take into account when you hire entertainment or plan activities for the kids because you want to make sure at least most of the kids are there when your entertainment arrives.

You also need to plan on the type of food you want. Do you want something no fuss and inexpensive like pizza, do you want to cook for all your guests, or do you want catered in food?

It is crucial to plan how you will keep the kids entertained throughout the party. Will you hire a professional performer such as a clown for an hour or two? Or will you keep them occupied with games such as musical chairs and arts and crafts? Keep in mind that children become restless easily so if your party is several hours long the best way to keep them happily occupied is to hire an entertainer and have some additional activities planned before the entertainer arrives or after the entertainer leaves.

The best part is that many of these opportunities can begin as part-time money and balloon into a huge source of income. Here are a few ideas:

Day Care-Child care is in huge demand as more women are working outside the home. Because of the going rate of daycare, it is one of the most profitable opportunities for stay-at-home moms, and one of the most popular choices among minorities. In addition to caring for children throughout the day, many parents prefer their children to be supervised after school until they get home from work. Providing an after-school service helps retain customers after younger children start school. For pricing in your area, pick up the phone and call some local daycare centers. You may need to set your prices slightly lower to begin with and be aware of any local laws that govern childcare services.

Cosmetologist-Although a few bucks for haircuts might not sound like a lot, think about how much it costs to have your hair colored. Add that to the occasional nail fill, product sales and think again. Like other service-based businesses, cosmetology is based on repeat business, so the right personality, skills, and location can turn a few bucks on the side into a thriving business. A license is required in most areas.

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