Football in the Down Under – Australian Football

Everyone knows that one of the national past times of the United States is football, and has a basic idea of how it is played. Now what about Australia? Here it is called by many names including footy, and Aussie rules, it the national past time of Australia and is played of course primarily on this continent. However its popularity is growing, and spreading out to a few other xem bong da truc tiep countries that have small AFL leagues.

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They began organization of the sport in 1858, and the official Australian football rules of the game were set in 1859 by the Melbourne Football Club. However some form or another of football dates back to 1956. In 1896 the first league was formed from eight different clubs, The Victorian Football League, known as VFL. Then in 1990 the name was changed to AFL, Australian Football League.

As for the Australian football rules, at first glance is looks like a cross between US football and soccer. It is made up of two teams of eighteen players using an oblong shaped or prolate spheroid ball similar to the US football or rugby ball. It is also played on an oval grass field like cricket, unlike the rectangular field of football. There are four quarters to the game, and the purpose is the kicking a goal between the opponents two goal posts at the opposite end of the field.

Here in the Australian football rules there is no such thing as offsides. At the beginning of a play only four of the team members are allowed in the center square other then that there are no actual set positions for players. The umpire bounces or tosses the ball into play as in basketball which signifies the start of the play.

The rules clearly state that the ball can not be thrown. It can be projected any direction kicking it, hit with a clenched fist or an open hand, but never thrown in any way. Thrown being broadly described in the rules as anything open handed that can cause the ball to move through the air upward. As for holding, it can be held while running, but must touch the ground every 15 meters. The player running with position of the ball can be bumped or tackled between the shoulders and the knees. Now if that player is tackled he must release the ball or risk a holding penalty.

Scoring a goal is not as easy as it looks. The ball has to make it between the goal posts by the opposing team by kicking it or from it bouncing off the ground. It can’t have been touched though by any player in any way nor can a goal be made accidentally by the defending team. Aussie rules is most defiantly a contact sport being physically and mentally demanding.

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