Security Guard Attacked by Syringe Wielding Offender

As a security guard I have found working in retail security more dangerous than most nightclubs because you will encounter a wide range of criminal activities and the offenders are usually not drunk so are harder to deal with.

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I was working in a small shopping centre in Sydney as a part of a clean up program to reduce the amount of crime and antisocial people in the centre best chauffeur company in London. The other security guards have let the criminals walk all over them and now the gangs run the place.

I always start a new place by going in plain clothes for a few days first to ID some of the regular troublemakers before they know I am a security guard. This way they don’t run away from me. On my first day in this centre I saw large numbers of drug deals being made openly with customers walking around them. This showed me that they had no fear of the security guards here.

Sitting down nearby having a coffee I saw two security guard patrols walk past them. The guards actually lowered their eyes and moved away from a group of 15 year drug dealers who were smaller than my kids.

I gave my boss the report and prepared for my first shift. It is always harder on the first shift as the criminals are resistant to change and try to assert their dominance over the territory. With this in mind I start my first shifts on Mondays because most customers are at work and leaves me with enough room to deal with the dominance plays that will come.

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